LUX SKIN® Body Sculpting Handset
LUX SKIN® Body Sculpting Handset

LUX SKIN® Body Sculpting Handset

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Achieving the perfect summer body has never been easier! Get an effective body massage for a toned appearance without visiting a spa using the LUX SKIN® Body Sculpting Handset. 

What Is It

The LUX SKIN® Body Sculpting Handset is the Top-Selling Body Massage Tool in the Market! 

A unique device that combines RF & EMS technologies to help break down fatty acids under the skin, reducing cellulite to give a slimmer, more sculpted look!

Why Is It Special 

  • UltraSonic Mode - Instantly activates the skin cells, promotes fast metabolism, and helps break down fatty acids.
  • RF + EMS mode - The RF + EMS sends microcurrents in your body to activate, rejuvenate, and tighten your skin. 
  • 2-in1 Technology - Slimmer body with younger-looking skin with the combination of ultrasonic and RF + EMS technology. 
  • Quick & Non-Invasive - Get a toned body within 10 minutes with this non-invasive sculpting tool.
  • Most Affordable - The sleek body and high-end technology come with the most reasonable price tag in the market. 

How It Works 

Ultrasonic vibrations can effectively break fat cells in your body. The Radio Frequency (RF) + Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS) technology improves the collagen production in your body for tighter and toned skin. 

With the LUX SKIN® Body Sculpting Handset, you can get the fat-reducing and skin-tightening benefits in one place. So achieve the body of your dreams without spending money on plastic surgeons! 

Portable & Non-Invasive 

A non-invasive treatment means you will need to get an incision in your body. Get a perfectly sculpted body after a few sessions with the LUX SKIN® Body Sculpting Handset, even when you are on the go.