LUX SKIN® Water Flosser

LUX SKIN® Water Flosser

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Remove 29% more plaque than normal flossing!



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Let nothing stop you from smiling bright! The LUX SKIN® Water Flosser will be your ideal dental hygiene partner for a radiant smile. 

What It Is

LUX SKIN® Water Flosser is the Most Convenient, Trusted Dental Hygiene Tool! 

A powerful flossing device that squirts water directly between your teeth and gums for effective flossing. You can easily replace your average flossing string with this water flosser. 

Why Is It Special 

  • Harmless Process - Clean between your teeth harmlessly without the fear of cuts or causing gingival clefts using water pressure. 
  • Precise Nozzle Spray - The precise nozzle sprays water with enough pressure to remove any buildup or food particles from your teeth. 
  • Reduces Gum Infections - No more gum infection because of this easy to use dental hygiene tool 
  • 3 Modes - Comes with Strong blast, Gentle blast, and Pulse blast to meet different dental care requirements. 
  • Easy USB Charge - Portable oral care solution with easy USB recharge option. 

How it Works 

Water flossing is an effective technique to remove dirt, food, and plaque buildup from your teeth. With the LUX SKIN® Water Flosser, you can keep your teeth clean without any harm. 

Use it right after brushing for the best results. It is ideal for people who wear braces as it provides a more efficient cleaning than regular floss. 

Conventional Floss vs. Water Flosser 

Even though a conventional floss string is the most common tool to get rid of food particles and plaque buildup, it can be harmful. It can cause bleeding in your gums or gingival clefts if not used properly. 

With the LUX SKIN® Water Flosser, you don’t have to worry about the damage. It is gentle enough to protect your gums while precise enough to get rid of any dirt and buildup. Use it twice a day for a beautiful smile.