LUX SKIN® Microdermabrasion Kit
LUX SKIN® Microdermabrasion Kit

LUX SKIN® Microdermabrasion Kit

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Save yourself a salon trip and give your skin the care it deserves at home. Say hello to smooth and flawless skin with LUX SKIN® Microdermabrasion Kit! 

What It Is

LUX SKIN® Microdermabrasion Kit is the United States' most affordable microdermabrasion kit! 

Our Microdermabrasion Kit uses suction technology to cleanse your pores of all the dirt and sebum.

Why Is It Special

  • Quick & Easy - You only need a 5-minute treatment to deeply cleanse your skin with this kit.
  • 5 Different Head - Use five different nozzle shapes to target different parts of your face, each serving a unique purpose. 
  • Deep Exfoliation - Deeply removes all dead skin cells to reveal fresh, glowing skin.
  • Smoothen Texture - Eliminates fine lines, texture, and blemishes for a younger-looking face. 
  • All In One - Reduces clogged pores, diminishes blackheads and whiteheads, and brightens the complexion. 
  • Pain-Free - No numbing or cooling is required for this pain-free skin clearing treatment. 

Before & After

How it Works

LUX SKIN® Microdermabrasion Kit combines two technologies: Micro-exfoliation and vacuum suction, to deeply purify your skin. The professional-grade exfoliation system sloughs away dead skin cells and promotes cell turnover. 

The vacuum suction technology draws out all the sebum and dirt, resulting in smaller pores and a brighter complexion. With our 2 level suction system, you can target even the most stubborn blackheads and whiteheads! 


With LUX SKIN® Microdermabrasion Kit, you can keep your salon in your pocket. It is travel-friendly, thanks to its small size, easy-to-use control panel, and rechargeable battery. With the five different nozzle heads, you can cleanse, sculpt, and brighten on the go!