LUX SKIN® Sonic Jade Roller
LUX SKIN® Sonic Jade Roller
LUX SKIN® Sonic Jade Roller

LUX SKIN® Sonic Jade Roller

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    A combination of nature and modern technology! Get the goodness of the jade stone along with the benefits of ultrasonic vibrations with our LUX SKIN® Sonic Jade Roller.

    What Is It

    LUX SKIN® Sonic Jade Roller Contemporary Twist on the Conventional Stone Roller!

    LUX SKIN™ Sonic Jade Roller uses a combination of sonic vibration and Jade Stone to help rejuvenate and restore youthful skin!

    Why Is It Special 

    • Reconstituted Jade Stone - Made up of reconstituted jade to last you for a lifetime. 
    • Ultrasonic Vibrations - Combined with ultrasonic vibrations to penetrate and treat deeper layers of your skin. 
    • 24K Gold Plated - A smooth massage head and sleek wand featuring 24k gold plating. 
    • 6000 Sonic Vibrations - With 6000 sonic vibrations per minute, your skin will feel instantly energized. 
    • Waterproof & Portable - The sleek tool is travel-friendly and has a waterproof body. 

    How It Works 

    The LUX SKIN™ Sonic Jade Roller helps remove excess fluid under the eye. The cool jade stone minimizes swelling in the blood vessels, while the ultrasonic vibrations boost collagen production. 

    For an extra relaxing routine, you can put your wand in the fridge for 5-10 mins. This step will make the stone feel rejuvenating on the swollen parts of your face. It is perfect for mornings to de-puff under the eyes and cheeks.

    Benefits of Jade and Ultrasonic Vibrations 

    • Get clear, smooth, and glowing skin instantly.
    • Tone & contour face with easy facial massage.
    • Reduce blemishes, spots, and redness.
    • Detoxify, de-puff & increase hydration in your skin.
    • Rejuvenate your skin with the cool jade stone. 
    • Regulate cell turnover with ultrasonic vibrations.